Nov 17

5 Ways to Keep Healthy This Winter

Woman RunningAlthough you can get sick during any season, it always seems like winter is the worst when it comes to illness. But you probably don’t have time to be sick, so you want to do what you can to stay healthy this winter. Fortunately, we can help. Here are some great tips for keeping healthy during the next few months!

5 Tips for a Healthier Winter

1. Get Your Flu Shot

Few people want to get a shot unless they have to, and there is no one making you get a flu shot. But you should know that getting a flu shot can significantly decrease your chances of catching the flu. Even if you do get sick, your symptoms will be much less severe if you get a flu shot.

2. Carry and Use Hand Sanitizer

Bringing a little bottle of hand sanitizer and using it at the right times, like after you shake someone’s hands, can do a lot to help you avoid getting sick. Germs are commonly passed through the hands, and hand sanitizer can virtually eliminate those germs when used as directed.

3. Make a Plan

Winter brings dark days and cold weather, which can have a negative effect on your mood and ultimately your health. While it can seem easier to hole up and just try to stay warm, in reality, it is healthier for you to have some goals that you pursue during the winter. Keeping active and motivated can do a lot for your health.

4. Exercise

Winter can also make it hard to exercise, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. Regular exercise boosts your immune system and elevates your mood.

5. Use Your Own Pen

Whenever you share a pen in a public setting you are risking picking up a virus. Considering how cheap disposable pens are, there is no need to put yourself at risk. Pick up a package of pens and always have one with you.

Enjoy Arlington This Winter

Our management team is here to help you enjoy Arlington all throughout the winter. Please contact us with any questions about the area, or to learn more about any of our Arlington apartments!

Nov 17

Simple Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

Vase With FlowersWith the changing of the seasons, it’s always fun to spruce up your apartment decor with a few new design elements in your living room. Whether you consider yourself a bit of a decorating pro or you need some help in that department, these simple and easy tips are sure to give you a bit of inspiration.

5 Simple Decorating Tips for Your Living Room

1. Hang a Collection

Create a focal point in the living room with a beautiful collection of picture frames in varying sizes and colors. Fill the frames with artwork, photos or even leave them empty.

2. Play With Flowers

You can instantly perk up any room in your apartment with the addition of seasonal flowers. A bouquet of gorgeous flowers in an equally gorgeous vase will brighten up the living room and keep it feeling fresh all season long.

3. Mix and Match

Add depth to the living room by playing with textures and colors. Mix up different throw pillow styles and sizes, bring in a big chunky blanket for the couch and put out a few cool pieces on the coffee table too.

4. Go Wild With Prints

Want to use a piece that will give you a whole lot of bang for your buck? Mix things up with a bold accent like a zebra or other animal print. A wild pattern will quickly add some contrast to your average sofa!

5. Keep it Clear

Transparent furniture is a great way to add depth to your living room and create the feeling of a more open space. It will also help you to keep the living area uncluttered. Transparent furniture goes well with a statement mirror or silver accents.

Make Your Space Your Own With Smart Design

Creating a welcoming and stylish living room doesn’t have to be expensive or take up a whole lot of your time. With a few simple and fun changes to your decor, you can easily switch up your style in no time flat. For more great apartment living tips or to take a look at the available floor plans at our apartments in Arlington, visit our friendly team at The Citizen at Shirlington Village today.

Nov 17

4 Festive Cocktails That are Perfect for Thanksgiving

Cranberry CocktailAre you searching for a few cocktails to serve at your next Thanksgiving meal or for a Friendsgiving gathering? Then check out these four delicious drinks that your guests are sure to “gobble” up.

Cranberry Gimlet

Cranberries are the perfect complement for turkey, so make sure to offer at least one cocktail that features this tart berry, such as this tantalizing cocktail. For ease of serving, you could even serve this classic drink in a pitcher over ice. Just stir together a cup of orange juice, a cup of cranberry juice and a cup of vodka.

Pumpkin Pie Martini

Do you love pumpkin pie? Then you’re sure to enjoy this tasty concoction that adds a little alcoholic kick to your favorite holiday dessert. To create this drink, add an ounce of pumpkin spice liqueur, a half-ounce of Kahlua, a half-ounce of butterscotch Schnapps, and a half-ounce of half-and-half to a shaker. Vigorously shake and then strain the drink into a martini glass. For a special touch, spread a little honey on the rim of the glass and then dip it into crushed graham crackers.

Sweet Potato Pie Cocktail

Another flavor that pairs well with turkey is sweet potato. And here’s a fun take on a Thanksgiving tradition—the sweet potato pie. For this drink, combine a half-ounce of sweet potato puree, a half-ounce of maple syrup and one-and-a-half ounces of spiced rum in a shaker. Next, vigorously shake, then strain into a glass. Add two ounces of sparkling peach juice and garnish with a few marshmallows.

Spiked Hot Apple Cider

On a chilly fall day or evening, your guests will appreciate a warm drink. To make this spiked hot apple cider, combine a gallon of apple cider, 3 cinnamon sticks, a few orange peels and a tablespoon of whole cloves in a pot. Let it simmer for approximately 30 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in one 750 milliliters of spiced rum.

Our apartments in Arlington, Virginia offer an open-concept layout that makes them perfect for Friendsgiving gatherings as well as a chef-inspired kitchen that will make cooking your Thanksgiving meal a breeze. Please contact us so that you can check out our beautiful apartments.

Oct 17

Things to Do Near Our Community

The Citizen at Shirlington Village DiningResidents here at The Citizen at Shirlington Village apartments in Arlington, VA have a wealth of fun and entertaining things to do near our community. With easy access to Highway 7 and I-395, we are an ideal hub for commuters and those who enjoy being within walking distance to the best shops, restaurants and events that Shirlington Village has to offer.

Quick Access to Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is home to numerous places of interest including the Smithsonian museums, where you can see historical items ranging from early mankind to more modern innovations inside the flight museum. Regardless of your passion, there’s a museum that will knock your socks off. No visit to D.C. is complete without at least passing by the White House or taking a quick tour of the Pentagon. All of this is just minutes from our luxury apartment community in Arlington, VA.

Steps Away from Dining, Shopping and Entertainment in Shirlington Village

A short walk away residents love having is the convenience of the eats, entertainment and shopping available in Shirlington Village. Indulge your palate with everything ranging from American traditional fare and fresh seafood options to the most impeccable fine dining options. Just want to have a glass of wine or wind down after a long day? You’ll find several pubs, sports bars and classy wine bars alongside movie theaters and shops for your everyday needs and specialty items.

Minutes From Fashion Centre at Pentagon City

If you are looking to do some serious shopping, you’ll enjoy having quick access to the impressive Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. As the largest enclosed mall in Arlington, there are over 170 retail stores including Normstrom, Forever 21 and Macy’s. Of course, several dining options are available to satisfy your hunger between shops, making Fashion Centre an all-encompassing adventure for shopping enthusiasts.

Looking for Apartments in Arlington, VA?

With luxurious amenities, beautiful common areas and spacious floor plans, our pet-friendly community at The Citizen at Shirlington Village can be your next home. Give us a call or visit our office to learn more or to schedule a tour of our apartments in Arlington today.

Oct 17

Fun Ways to Bond With Your Pet

Small Dog at ParkWhen looking for Arlington apartments, you want a place that’s pet-friendly. After all, wherever you go, your cat or dog is always right behind you. They’re your fluffy shadow and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Look no further than The Citizen at Shirlington Village, a pet-friendly community!

Once you settle in, you’re going to look for ways to acclimate your pet to their new environment while continuing to build your bond. Here are a few ways you two can grow closer in your new home.

1. Take Them to the Dog Park

If you have a dog, you know they need exercise. Luckily, at The Citizen at Shirlington Village, you can easily leash up your pup and walk them over to Shirlington Dog Park. The two of you can stay busy for hours running, playing fetch, or just catching some sun rays. Your dog will want to do this every day!

2. Choose an Apartment With Pet Walking Areas

Your pet needs options. The Citizen at Shirlington Village gets that, which is why there are pet walking areas onsite. If you can’t get your pooch over to the dog park for any reason, these walking areas are a great alternative. Your pet can do their business, stretch their legs, and play a bit.

3. Snuggle

It’s been a long day with all that fun outdoor activity. Now it’s time the two of you plop down on the couch, grab a warm blanket and some snacks, and turn on Netflix for the rest of the evening. By cuddling with your pup (or feline!), you’re proving to them that even though you live somewhere new, there’s still time for your favorite routines and habits.

If you have dogs and cats and need an apartment that can accommodate both, consider The Citizen at Shirlington Village. Our upscale apartments not only welcome pets, but we’re close to Shirlington Dog Park and we have our own pet walking areas onsite.

Other amenities pet-lovers will appreciate are the outdoor dining and grilling areas, jogging trails and park access, and indoor metro transit center access. The Citizen at Shirlington Village is also close to Shirlington Bus Station, Shirlington Village (with shopping and dining), the National Mall, and Reagan National Airport. Call our office today to set up a tour of our community.

Oct 17

3 Tasty Breakfast Dishes to Make in Your Kitchen

WafflesBreakfast, although the most important meal of the day, is often overlooked on busy mornings. Some people pick up a muffin or bagel, some muster through on caffeine, and others skip this meal altogether.

Now that you’re looking for apartments in Arlington and plan to move in soon, you want to change your breakfast habits. You’d like to treat you and your loved ones to a homecooked, sit-down breakfast at least once a week. With these three easy and yummy dishes, you can.

1. Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Including Greek yogurt in your pancake mix provides protein that’ll give you the energy to get through your day. Other somewhat surprising ingredients are vanilla extract and honey, which add more flavor to this otherwise simple meal. Certainly be generous with the chocolate chips. If you want to make this breakfast a tad healthier, swap in whole wheat flour.

2. French Toast With Berries

This meal is a classic for a reason. Hopefully, you have some leftover bread sitting around because that’s the base for scrumptious French toast. Once you get the hang of making this breakfast staple, you’ll find it’s quite easy to do, and you may even be inclined to make it on weekday mornings. Top your French toast with maple syrup, fresh berries, and powdered sugar.

3. Whole Wheat Waffles

Healthy doesn’t have to taste bland and boring, as evidenced by these whole wheat waffles. Again, whole wheat flour is key here, but you can easily substitute it with half whole wheat or half white flour. You’ll also need milk, eggs, baking powder, and unsalted butter. A waffle iron makes cooking these super simple and fast, but make sure you watch the iron so your waffles don’t burn.

If you’re looking for an upscale apartment in Arlington, come to The Citizen at Shirlington Village. Our community offers a variety of floor plans, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments.

Apartment amenities such as in-home monitoring systems, privacy blinds, wall-to-wall carpeting, fireplaces, walk-in closets, personal patio or balcony, a full kitchen appliance package with breakfast bar, and a personal washer and dryer make this a great place to live.

Contact us today to discuss setting up a tour of our community.

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