5 Tips to Better Manage Stress

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One of the reasons many choose to live at our Arlington Virginia Apartments is the benefit of the less stressful life that is offered here. There's no maintenance worries, little upkeep, along with nice amenities. But a nice living space is just the start of the ways you can reduce stress in your life. Here are five tips to enjoying less stress.

Stress-Management Tips

1. Create more alone time. We may not give it much attention, but spending too much time with other people can create stress. We feel compelled to interact; they may ask for advice, or others may express opinions you don't agree with. Carving out more alone time can help you re-charge and reduce stress in your daily life.

2. Be grateful. It is hard to be stressed when you are in a state of gratitude. When you feel stress build up, focus on the things you have to be grateful about. They may include friends, family, your health, your job or any simple aspect of life that is going well.

3. Exercise. Exercise helps redirect stress in a more physical way, allowing you to better “burn it off.” Exercise may include a brisk walk or jog or a game of basketball.

4. Do more of what you enjoy. As we get busier in life, stress-related activity often replaces the activities we enjoy. This can be resolved by reclaiming those activities and making them a part of your life again.

5. Listen to music. There is a lot of noise in our lives today: news feeds, social media, binge-viewing, television and text messaging. It can be valuable to return to a simpler time when we just listened to our favorite music, maybe even used headphones to tune out the outside world. You may be surprised at how relaxing listening to 30 minutes of your favorite ballads or smooth jazz can have on your mental state.

The Freedom of More Time for You

Living at our Arlington Apartments provides the convenience, space and amenities you need for a lifestyle with less stress. Learn more at our Citizen at Shirlington Village apartment community website or feel free to contact us. Enjoy more freedom and more time for you.

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