3 Tips for Introducing a Shelter Kitty to Your Home

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shelter cat
According to the SPCA, approximately 3.2 million cats end up in animal shelters each year. So if you're interested in adding a new feline friend to your family, consider adopting one of these kitties. Not only will you be getting a new buddy, but you could also be saving a life. 

If you do decide to adopt, check out the following tips. They'll help your new cat transition more smoothly into your home.

Corral Your Kitty

Well, not exactly corral, but do try to limit your cat to one or two areas of your home at first. While you might think that your new kitty would love to have free rein over your entire apartment immediately, it could actually leave it feeling apprehensive and unsure. In your new cat's mind, there could be "unfriendlies" lurking just about anywhere in your apartment. So its first instinct may be to hide until it becomes more comfortable in your home. After your cat has acclimated to you and its new home, you can then start giving it more freedom. 

Put Away Valuables

You're going to have a hard time bonding with your cat if you're angry at it for accidentally knocking over and breaking a valuable item in your apartment. Plus, your cat is going to sense your hostility and want to avoid you. So put away those things that a cat could accidentally brush against or knock over while jumping from one surface to another.

Let Your Cat Set the Pace

Sit down with your cat and allow it to approach you. This may take some time, but don't force yourself on the cat. It may be several days to a week or more for an especially shy cat to feel comfortable and start forming an attachment with you. Of course, other cats will hop in your lap immediately. 

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