3 Ways to Make Your Weekday Dinners More Interesting

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When work is taking its toll on you and you can't imagine having the strength to even pick up the phone and dial for takeout, it's easy to let your best-laid plans to cook go awry. But shirking on homemade meals is really a way of shirking your own well-being. Knowing what goes into your body is so important, which is why you may want to try these tips to make your time in the kitchen a little more rewarding. 

Challenge Yourself 

Challenging yourself is a good way to switch gears when you're stressed. So if you're feeling absolutely crushed by work (or life in general), this is a great way to get your mind off of everything else. Now you're forced to use any remaining brain power to do something you've never done before — whether it's mastering the art of chopping or making that chocolate souffle you've had your eye on.  

Work Your Herbs 

Herbs, spices and condiments can really change the flavor profile of a dish. And the only way to figure out which flavor profile fits your taste buds best is to experiment until you find just the right combinations. So throw out the recipe specifications and try a few things to mix things up and find what works for you. 

Explore Different Blogs 

There are so many foodie blogs out there that now may be a good time to explore. From cheap eats to master chef, you can find practically any angle you can imagine. Reading about food is a great way to inspire yourself to go the distance. One tip is to try to pick people who cook at close to your level. Following the adventures of a novice cook will bore you if you're at a higher level. 

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