5 Chef-Worthy Tools for Your Gourmet Kitchen

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Our foodies and aspiring gourmet chefs at Citizen at Shirlington Village in Arlington, VA. have their favorite knives and nonstick pans for creating delicious culinary dishes. But getting your favorite dishes from the cookbook to the dining table can seem like a magicians trick. Here we've come up with this list of convenient tools and specialized gadgets to complement the stunning kitchens with quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances in our upscale units.


It doesn't matter if you're gluten-free or just want to include more veggies into your diet, a spiralizer can turn zucchini, carrots, yams, beetroots, apples, and cucumbers into linguini-like stands for creative side dishes, pastas, or unique salads. This inexpensive tool allows you to cut down on carbs, increase fiber intake, and create dishes that can out-plate those at renowned restaurants.

Immersion Blender

A faster way to make a quick smoothie or the only way to make a latte, immersion blenders are now more powerful than ever, and even come with multiple blades to suit the task at hand. Enjoy creamed soups, cheese sauce, pesto, whipped cream, Hollandaise sauce, homemade tomato sauce, and refreshing, sparkling, fruit drinks when you invest in an immersion blender.

Potato Ricer

One of the most versatile, yet under-utilized kitchen gadgets is the potato ricer. While it looks like a gigantic garlic press and has commonly been used for making creamy mashed potatoes, this tool can be used to spurn out many veggies for appetizers and main dishes. When you are making guacamole, mincing large amounts of garlic, pureeing fruits for homemade jams, creating deviled egg filling or egg salad quickly, the potato ricer is the tool for the job.

Coffee/Spice Grinder

It's not just for grinding whole bean coffee, but also for taking your homegrown herbs and making your own teas and aromatic dishes. Also consider making your own bread crumbs, chopped nuts, powdered sugar, potpourri, and garnishes such as shaved chocolate, coconut flakes, and lemon or orange peel. 

Mini Food Processor

Here is another time-saving gadget. Today's small veggie choppers have laser-sharp blades and are useful for making a pot of soup or a bowl of salad quickly. Not only do you not need the counter space required for a full-sized food processor, but you can also blend thick sauces and homemade salsa in a jiff.

If you're looking for your next apartment home in Arlington, VA., visit Citizen at Shirlington Village online to start your journey. As part of the extended Washington, D.C. area, our units feature modernized kitchens to enjoy cooking your favorite dishes. 

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