How to Make Your New Home Your Own Without Paint

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For decades, paint has been the “go to” resource for making a new apartment uniquely your own. Adding a little splash of color here or there or creating an accent wall can really let your personality shine. But it’s not the only way you can make your presence felt in your apartment. Believe it or not, there are far less back-breaking options to consider.

Use Bookcases and Contact Paper

Seriously! It’s a great way to go if you can find floor-to-ceiling bookcases or something close to it, and then use contact paper on the back of the bookcase for an accent touch. One great choice for a fashion-forward kind of apartment would be a black bookcase with an Eiffel tower print or black toile contact paper along the back. It looks very trendy and doesn’t break your lease.

Hang Curtains Along the Walls

Floor-to-ceiling curtains are a great way to use fabric to add a pop of color to a wall or to create your own accent wall without using paint. Not only are curtains a great choice for creating an accent space within your room, but you can also use them to create separate living areas in your apartment as well. Be creative, be fun — and free yourself of the paint fumes.

Choose Fun Lighting

From string lights to funky lamps and pendant fixtures, lighting is all the rage these days. There’s no rule that says your lamps must be boring, plain-Jane affairs. Let your light shine. Literally. And make sure it says something fun and funky about your personality.

Use Rugs to Bring a Little Personality into Your Living Space

Yes, you can use rugs on top of carpet. In fact, they are great choices for hiding boring carpet and making your apartment into something that is a little more festive. Or you can choose an apartment with hard surface flooring. Just choose rugs that express your style and personality.

When you’re ready to find the perfect apartments in Arlington and make your space truly your own, contact us to learn more about our available floor plans so you can let your inner designer go wild.

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