Pet Grooming Tips for Winter

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Even if your pets don’t spend much time outside in winter, it’s still important to keep up with regular grooming. Your dogs might not need haircuts when it’s cold out, but regular coat care and other grooming tasks can help them stay happy and healthy.

Paw Care

The Arlington area can get snow and ice at times. When your pets are out walking around on snowy sidewalks or grass, the snow and ice can freeze on the hair between their paw pads. Each time you bring them back inside, wipe down their paws gently. You can prevent ice or snow buildup by trimming the hair between their paw pads. You should also rinse their paws using warm water when they come in from outside. This also helps remove any ice or salt they have on their paws.

Nail Care

You might notice that your pets have longer nails during winter. Walking on pavement outside when it’s warm helps keep their nails shorter. When your pets are inside more due to the cold, their nails can grow longer in a fairly short amount of time. Long nails make it hard for dogs to walk, and they can catch on items or break. Trim your pets’ nails as needed all season long.

Coat Care

Dogs need regular brushing throughout the winter months. Some dogs tend to shed more in winter and can end up getting matted coats, especially if they have longer or thicker coats. Using the right type of brush and brushing daily can help keep your pet’s coat from becoming tangled or developing other problems in winter.

Skin Care

Pets can have skin problems during winter from being in heated air indoors so much. If you have dogs that tend to get dry skin, avoid giving them frequent baths since these can lead to more dryness. When you do give your pets a bath in winter, consider using a dog shampoo that has oatmeal as a soothing ingredient for dry, itchy skin.

Our apartments in Arlington, Virginia, have pet-walking areas available to make it easier for you to walk your pets this winter. Contact us to get more information about our community and pet policy.

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