How to Make Your Apartment Feel More Spacious

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As you visit Arlington apartments, one of the things you’re likely to check is the size of the available units. The truth is, actual square footage does not tell the entire story. In fact, the largest apartment can look and feel cramped and the smallest feel open and airy. It comes down to how it’s put together.

Here are a few easy tips for making your apartment feel more spacious:


The more “stuff” in your apartment, the more cluttered it’s going to appear. Go through everything and decide what you can live without. Although getting rid of your belongings may be emotionally challenging, you are likely to be surprised by how little you miss them.


If you have the option to use one large piece of furniture rather than several small pieces, do it. A sectional sofa is visually less crowded than a sofa and several chairs. The same is true of art. Opt for a single large piece rather than many smaller pieces.


Create a clear path through each room. For example, you should be able to walk from the kitchen to the living room without encountering any obstacles (which may mean moving, re-purposing or re-homing extra chairs, tables or other small pieces of furniture).  

Discover Storage

Find creative ways to store away anything you don't need. For example, an old trunk can easily be used as a coffee table and storage. A small bookshelf doubles as a sofa table and a place to stow away those items you rarely need. 

Draw the Eye Upward

Create visual interest high in the room by hanging shelves 3 feet from the ceiling. Not only are they the perfect place to store books and collectibles, but they make a room feel taller.

Utilize Stripes

A striped area rug is a surprisingly effective way to give the illusion of space.

Use Light

Take advantage of natural light by forgoing heavy drapes for window coverings that allow light through. Lightly woven blinds, sheer curtains and decorative film are good options. 

Adopt Different Shades of the Same Color

Another method for creating a spacious-looking room is to make it monochromatic. Simply choose a single color and spread different shades of that color throughout the room to the exclusion of other colors. The continuity of a single hue offers an illusion of space. 

We know that home is important to you, regardless of size. Feel free to contact us to learn how our apartments can become your new home. 

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