Brain Games to Play With Your Dog at Your Arlington Apartment

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Dog GameWhen dogs get bored, they can start to act destructively. Happy dogs use their brains to solve novel problems on a daily basis. You can keep your dog happy at your apartment in Arlington by playing brain games every day. When you play these games, your dog will feel far too tired to destroy things out of boredom. Here are two fun brain games you can play together.

Impulse Control

Impulse control games help your dog develop great problem-solving skills and a solid ability to "leave it." You will need to cut up some meat, cheese or dog treats into tiny chunks for this game. Whenever you have your dog sitting nearby, hold out a small treat in the middle of your palm, facing up.

If your dog attempts to snatch the treat, close your hand. When he is waiting patiently, give the release word, feed him the treat and offer praise. As your dog develops strong impulse-control skills, place the treats on the ground or even on his paws to increase the difficulty level.

Shell Game

Dogs are incredibly good at finding treats using their noses alone. You can take advantage of this talent by playing the shell game with them. You can get started with just three plastic cups. Place a treat under one of the cups and ask your dog to find it. When he chooses the right cup, give him the treat. Dogs may show that they are alert to scents in a variety of ways, including nosing or pawing the cup and sitting next to it.

You can make this game more interesting by mixing up the cups after placing the treat underneath. This will leave a small amount of scent behind across the floor, making the game harder for your dog. He will need to find the strongest scent and alert correctly to win the treat from you.

As you play brain games with your dog, you will expend his excess energy and keep him comfortable in the apartment environment. If you would like to increase the comfort of your Arlington apartment living experience, call us at 866-525-7940 to discuss rental upgrades.

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